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The Fifth Lash and Other Stories (English Edition): c'est le plus acheté, les commentaires moyen sont 4,0 avec 1 commentaires

Elmore Leonard: Westerns (LOA #308): Last Stand at Saber River / Hombre / Valdez is Coming / Forty Lashes Less One / stories: deuxième position pour ce produit, les commentaires moyen sont 4,9 avec 48 commentaires

Clash of Clans: troisième position pour ce produit, les commentaires moyen sont 4,1 avec 27723 commentaires

The Fifth Lash and Other Stories (English Edition)...

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The Fifth Lash and Other Stories (English Edition)
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Oh, those Islamists
This work is a collection of 14 short stories published in 2012, most of which had been published elsewhere. The unifying character of these stories is that they evolve around the existence of Muslim people in various locations and times, some historical many contemporary. Shivani is a masterful composer of tales, poems and commentary and widely published in leading journals. Here he seems to want to limit this work to what it means to be Muslim past and present As the first published review I see no purpose in attempting a summary or a comment but list chapter heading and a sentence or two of reaction. I hope this will indicate the range covered. Love in a Time of Communication Business as not done in the land of bribery, and a romance that could occur? The Abscess of the World David from Princeton to Karachi and into the inner working of its elite, and a favor, rendered for love of a sixteen year old. Would That Be a Nonstop Flight? A few days in the life of Shakira Humayun; past her prime, but still there. The Fifth Lash The turmoil of Pakistan’s leadership conflicts told in the historical context of a close personal aid to President Bhutto. Jealousy Pakistani couple, NYC, an Engineer a Ph D candidate Columbia Art History; she turns on her cell phone he finds her. Growing Up Blind, in a Hotly Contested State As unfocused as a story can be but full of what might be likely to happen. Shivani does delight in playing with academics large and small. The House on Bahadur Shah Zafar Road Family interactions personalities revealed, the monsoons don’t arrive. Alienation, Jihad, Burqa, Apostasy This story could be autobiographical or at least have elements of that as Anis Shivani is a journalist and Harvard College educated. An immigrant well assimilated into the American scene and not interested in Pakistan and its turmoil, who at some point begins a journey into complete submersion into contemporary Islamic culture and belief systems and finally to apostasy. The Rug Seller’s Daughter A short tale “The whole world and all that mattered in it seemed to escape him, and he could do nothing about it.” Dowry Pre-partition India Muslim Hindu coexistence and third-degree burns as purpose. What It’s Like to Be a Stranger in Your Own Home 9/11 and the unraveling of society for an Egyptian-American programmer with some other problems.... The Censor Freelance thought …. In the Shade of the Wavering Palms The new reality settles in. “The arrests, the harassment, the bullshit going on in the name of security.” They Stand and Serve Too Lal Kishan Singh walked on the deck of the ocean liner Edward, a servant of The Empire.

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Elmore Leonard: Westerns (LOA #308): Last Stand at...

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Elmore Leonard: Westerns (LOA #308): Last Stand at Saber River / Hombre / Valdez is Coming / Forty Lashes Less One / stories
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Five Stars
class writer. class book. class delivery. trevor turberfield
good value
good value
The Grand Master Of His Genre
IMHO nobody can write dialogue between characters as well as the great Elmore Leonard did. That snappy give and take that he was so gifted at has no equal. I miss having the opportunity to read new material by this phenomenal story teller. R.I.P. Elmore....

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Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans
27 723 Commentaires
Clash of Clans
  • Rejoignez le clan d’autres joueurs ou créez le vôtre et invitez des amis.
  • Affrontez des joueurs du monde entier en équipe dans le cadre des guerres de clans.
  • Défendez votre village avec une multitude de canons, bombes, pièges, mortiers et remparts.
  • Affrontez le roi gobelin en menant une campagne à travers tout le royaume.
  • Préparez votre stratégie avec d’innombrables combinaisons de troupes, sorts et héros !

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Ce jeux est super même si il faut mettre très actif pour pouvoir avancer
Excellent Jeu
Pas de bugs tout marche très bien.
Jeu genial
Ce jeu est genial j'avais déjà commencé à jouer il y a plusieurs années en le voyant téléchargeable sur Amazon j'ai eu envie de recommencer à jouer. Ce jeu est génial pour passer le temps j'y joue tous les jours maintenant.

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