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Studiologic SL88 STUDIO - Clavier maitre toucher lourd 88 notes avec aftertouch - Surface de contrôle programmable: c'est le plus acheté, les commentaires moyen sont 4,4 avec 70 commentaires

Studiologic SL88 STUDIO - Clavier maitre toucher l...

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Studiologic SL88 STUDIO - Clavier maitre toucher lourd 88 notes avec aftertouch - Surface de contrôle programmable
70 Commentaires
Studiologic SL88 STUDIO - Clavier maitre toucher lourd 88 notes avec aftertouch - Surface de contrôle programmable
  • Clavier maître 88 notes - toucher lourd mécaniques à marteau progressives TP/100LR avec aftertouch - 3 courbes de vélocité d'usine (+ 6 programmables utilisateur)
  • écran LCD couleur 320x240 - 3 contrôleurs X/Y, 1 encodeur rotatif et 3x boutons de fonction - système permettant d'adapter un rail magnétique pour porte-partition, un support laptop ou tablette
  • 4x ports pédales: 2x footswitch, 1x continu et 1x multi - 1x MIDI in, 2x MIDI Out - 1x port USB (MIDI IN/OUT, USB to HOST)
  • Dimensions (cm): 126 x 31 x 11, 7 - poids: 13, 7kg
  • Livré avec alimentation et pédale PS100

Commentaires client

Value & Performance (at home on stage & studio)
This SL88 replaces an AKAI MPK88. The SL88 is a revelation. I got the MPK88 because as a composer/producer I need trigger buttons, faders, and dials. I also needed a keyboard that felt like a piano and was an enhancement to the creative process and not added friction. It didn't deliver. This StudioLogic SL-88: First and foremost, you are buying this for the feel of the keyboard. The weighting is excellent. It feels to me like a German (Steinway) action or something like that. You can set custom velocity curves, but I'll probably never stray from the default "linear" (there are "hard" and "soft" curves if you have a heavy hand or a light touch, but you can also set more custom curves than I'll ever need). It's surprisingly compact and light for the weight of the action. It's really suited to the stage because of it's light weight, but it's completely at home in studio. The joysticks are wonderful. "Back in the day," I started out with KORG keyboards which used joysticks. I preferred and missed them. I've never been able to get the hang of two control wheels. The THREE joysticks on the SL88 have a small throw and take some getting used to, but they're really nice...and all different. For me the joysticks are as inspiring as the feel of the keyboard. It's a flashback for technique, but it's a leap forward in terms of performance. Three live controllers controlling 6 parameters. Super slick! What I wanted was a really musical keyboard that was inspiring to play. I expected that. I didn't expect the SL88 to deliver more precision, authenticity, and value than I expected. It feels nicer than most pianos I've owned. First and foremost this is a beautiful controller to play. The feature of this keyboard IS the keyboard (and the joysticks IMHO).
Great keyboard in the price range
The SL88 studio is a an 88 key midi controller with a realistic weighted piano feel. It's a lovely instrument - my only criticism is that the manual wasn't particularly comprehensive or helpful. However, with a little experimentation it is possible to work out the many excellent features!
A questo prezzo, è davvero difficile trovare di meglio: tastiera pesata 88 note dall'ottimo feel, sino a 4 layer indipendenti, velocity curve regolabile, aftertouch, tre stick controllers liberamente assegnabili e configurabili, 4 ingressi pedale, MIDI e USB per interfacciarsi con l'esterno (in quest'ultimo caso, la tastiera non ha bisogno dell'alimentatore), 250 patch per memorizzare le proprie configurazioni. Il case è in metallo con laterali in plastica ed è davvero robusto (a fronte di un peso di 14 Kg). Editor e collezione di software scaricabili gratuitamente dal sito del produttore dopo aver registrato il prodotto. Pedale PS-100 e alimentatore inclusi. Cinque stelle!

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