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Amplificateur Fender Champion 100: c'est le plus acheté, les commentaires moyen sont 4,8 avec 117 commentaires

Amplificateur Fender Champion 100

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Amplificateur Fender Champion 100
117 Commentaires

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Super Génial
Ampli a la hauteur de ma demande ..Qualité/prix imbattable Utilisation et réglages simples..Le son est là .. Et la péche y est aussi
East To Use, Versatile Too
I purchased this amplifier several months ago but wanted to use it over a respectable period of time before writing a review. There are essentially two modes to the Champion 100: on the left hand side are the controls for 'clean' guitar sounds while on the right are the controls for effects. A foot pedal comes with the amplifier which switches the amp from the 'clean' to the 'effects' should you wish to use it. I admit I use effects only sparingly so I have found that the amp provides ample different sound 'voices' without having to bother with my pedal board very often. I simply keep the amplifier "effects mode" permanently set to my preferred settings and then switch from 'clean' to 'effects' as required. This is a great and easy to use amplifier in my opinion. Well done Fender!
Better than you think it will be.
Arrived early, Really well packaged (heavy foam in corners, basically if you dropped the box from 6 foot it wouldent damage the amp inside) its silly loud in your house (I play it on a 2 as any higher would offend the nabours I feel) only critic is that 1 volume dosent seem to exist. The flexibilety and adjustment of the very large ammount of effects is impressive. comes with a floor pedel. (its in the back, strapped up) You could easiley play a pub or a small club with it (ITS LOUD) but for home use and practise (what I use it for) Fantastic. If your not that good at guitar it will make you sound like your eddie van halen lol. Cant fault it (im pritty good at guitar, trust me its a damn good amp for £260) Nobody paid me to give this review its just that good. tons of effects, will save you loads on effects pedals, its all built in. Bloody good amp, Buy it. would give it 6 stars on all if I could.

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