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Acer Chromebook 514: c'est le plus acheté, les commentaires moyen sont 4,6 avec 432 commentaires

Acer Chromebook 514, 14" FHD Touch, CB514-1HT-C7AZ...

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Acer Chromebook 514, 14' FHD Touch, CB514-1HT-C7AZ, N3450, 4
432 Commentaires
Acer Chromebook 514, 14" FHD Touch, CB514-1HT-C7AZ, N3450, 4
  • Acer Chromebook 514, 14" FHD touch, CB514-1HT-C7AZ, N3450, 4

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Get a Chromebook They Said!
The salesman said I'd LOVE it!! For all I do on the Internet, it's what I'd need. What they don't tell you is the keyboard is different. For instance, there is no DELETE button, no CAPS button, memory is required as you can't right click to cut, copy, paste or delete so you need to learn new key sequences and at my extended age, I don't need that. The machine itself is a little below Acer quality and the touchscreen got grumpy with age. The microphone and video quality were excellent. I kept it for 2 weeks to give it a chance, then I bought another Acer with Windows again.
This is an excellent chromebook!
Got this when it was on sale about a year ago. I don't regret this buy. This unit is built to last with decent specifications. It's fast enough to run educational apps used by my child for when attending school remotely. The full HD screen is beautiful and colours are vibrant. Love the touch screen and backlit keyboard. There are no compromises in this and nothing left out for comfortable usability.
Excellent laptop and exceptional value for money.
Great laptop! Very quick processing. It’s sturdy, well made and nicely finished. The FHD screen is stunning - better than I expected. Touch screen is accurate and responsive. Battery is strong and charges very quickly. It’s light and portable. Speakers are decent. Trackpad is very nice to use and not at all loose as some earlier reviews mentioned. Everything works well, as has been my experience with other Acer products. Bought my kid the 15” version and it is also great. Excellent value at this price point! My only “complaint” is it comes with Bluetooth 4.2. Instead of 5.0, which is the standard now (hey, something’s gotta give on a great laptop for this price). It wouldn’t matter at all to me; but my cheap wireless earbuds won’t pair with it! Higher quality 5.0 devices do pair with it no problem tho. Very happy with my purchase and would buy it again. I did quite a bit of research and this was the best value, and that was when it was $420 CND!

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