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CONSOLE ATARI 2600: c'est le plus acheté, les commentaires moyen sont 4,1 avec 183 commentaires


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Beats the new age
This old original Atari came as described. It is old and my husband and I could not wait to get it going. But first you have to have a special piece that connects the Atari to the newer tvs. So that delayed us in being able to us it. But once we got it going it was great. Yes it is a little fuzzy and there are those hiccups but what do you expect with it being 30 plus years old. The seller did in close several games which was awesome. The controllers all work well It was clean and we are happy with it. Can you believe our 13 year old daughter is loving the pacman and frogger games. All the new game systems we have an this is what she is choosing to play. I love it!
the console itself looks like it belongs even on modern entertainment systems with it’s ...
What can be said that hasn’t been said already and repeated 1000 times? The Atari 2600 defines classic gaming, bringing the classic arcade to the living room. Even today, the console itself looks like it belongs even on modern entertainment systems with it’s retro wood grain paneling. The durability of the Atari 2600 is unbelievable, working consoles are hardly rare and are sold at decent prices. The joysticks are built for longevity and have the same fluid motion controls as they did in the 80’s. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY 2ND HAND CONTROLLER PEDDLERS! They are poorly made atrocities by comparison to the original article. The games also seem to stand the test of time. I have an ever growing library of 36 games at present, some ordered online, some bought at flea markets and local retro stores. Not once have I encountered an inoperable game (not to say they don’t exist, but chances are good that a cartridge in good condition is very likely to work). With over 700 games to collect, and home brews being made to this very day, the Atari 2600 is a collector’s dream. Five Stars, extreme satisfaction.
Thank you
My husband loved this as well and it works.

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